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There are men in my town
Dressed head to toe in brown
Or navy blue shorts (with plain white tees)
That hover, just above, their knobbly knees

And sometimes these men, I think,
Must say “What the heck!!”
And mix it up large
With a shirt printed in check

It’s brown on white of course,
Or maybe navy blue.
Not too striking a pattern though;
That would never do.

And, maybe once a week, they think,
“Its time to get on fleek!”
And out come patterns and flowers
All colourful, large and bold!
Worn ironically, of course.
Because they have been TOLD!

If you present as a woman
(and I find this so strange)
Across every aisle and floor
of clothes shops you may range
Shirts and ties and jeans and blouses:
You can buy from the men’s rail,
and be safe as houses

But present as a man
and you’re not safe at all
To put on some heels
and walk out, straight and tall
Clothes made for women,
to men are behind locks
Men must never, ever,
stray from the man box


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