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The Summer of ’22

This is my first blog entry on this blog as Alan By The Sea. All of the material from before this were written as The Autistic Phoenix, and the last post there was April 2022. I deleted that blog a while back because I wanted a tidy-out of old posts and a fresh start.

I’ve picked the best cherries from the old Autistic Phoenix archive and put them on this blog. But as I look over them, I feel that they are very much looking over the past and making sense of undiagnosed autism and other struggles. I want Alan By The Sea to be about joy and positivity (note: not the toxic kind!).

So I just want to fill in the gap between April and now.

It’s been a great summer. Lynn and I have gone through a lot of growth and also a lot of simple life enjoyment. I have been diagnosed with “Pure O” OCD following my realisations about my thinking patterns and I’m now getting appropriate therapy for the first time.

I’ve spent a lot of time with my ham radio hobby and listening to music, we are both back running twice a week and I’m very much enjoying new found freedom in my gender expression (blog posts to follow for sure!). We went for half a dozen couples therapy to help us both adjust to how I feel about manhood, and this has been hugely positive for both of us and not just because of gender stuff.


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