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Self Knowledge & the Aphorism

Which aphorism? “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

The last few months have been quite amazing in terms of self growth and understanding, both for me in isolation and me in my marriage to Lynn. We had a great conversation a couple of weeks ago over a coffee in our local Nero’s, during which I remember saying “I kind of understand now why I can’t make and keep friends”.

We were talking about how we both find live conversations difficult because of the way that our brains keep track (or fail to keep track) of things we want to say in reply to things people say, and how tracking this whilst also paying attention to the conversation is almost impossible sometimes. That’s without the added challenges of background noise and things like sarcasm and euphemisms, and rejection sensitivity.

Why is a little knowledge a dangerous thing? That’s because each step forward I make in self understanding tempts me to believe that I’ve arrived at a place where I understand *enough*. It tempts me to believe that I’ve cracked it; I need to set boundaries, to do more of this, to stop doing that, and everything will be fine. But of course I haven’t; there is always more to learn.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been hyper focussing on my ham radio hobby, busy giving myself things to try, trying them and learning. All without involving *people*. It’s so much more predictable.


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